Crisis Intervention

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2-1-1 Big Bend, Helpline 2-1-1

*Telephone counseling, suicide prevention and crisis intervention *Community information and referrals to more than 1,000 human service agencies and organizations in Big Bend area *Available 24/7, 365 days a year *Training programs for volunteer counselors held three times each year; interested parties call to receive more information

Services: 211 Systems, Comprehensive Information and Referral, General Crisis Intervention Hotlines, Suicide Prevention Hotlines, Volunteer Training

PO Box 10950

Tallahassee, FL 32302


2-1-1 Big Bend, Inc

*Comprehensive information and referral for Helpline 211 in Big Bend area, for Florida HIV/AIDS Hotline and Florida Family Health Line *Telephone counseling *Crisis intervention and information services, suicide helpline *Search on-line Big Bend area and HIV/AIDS programs

Services: 211 Systems, Call Center Volunteer Opportunities, Comprehensive Information and Referral, Information Sources, Suicide Prevention Hotlines

PO Box 10950

Tallahassee, FL 32302


Apalachee Center, Crisis Counseling Walk-In Center

*Free of charge walk-in center for persons who are in need of crisis counseling but do not need inpatient level of care where individuals may be seen up to three times while waiting for an outpatient appointment with any counselor in the community *Main entrance is in the back of building B; department of the Central Receiving Facility (AKA Evaluations/Admissions)

Services: General Counseling Services, In Person Crisis Intervention, Outpatient Mental Health Facilities, Suicide Counseling

2634 Capital Circle NE, Bldg B

Tallahassee, FL 32308

(850) 523-3333 x4301

Apalachee Center, Mobile Response Team (MRT)

*The Mobile Response Team (MRT) operates a 24/7 crisis hotline and provides services for people of any age in a mental health or substance abuse crisis; A feature of their service is in-person response to calls about mental health crisis; the MRT responds to all 8 counties in the Big Bend region but will have limited response depending on staffing resources; If the MRT cannot respond in person, they might offer video conferencing to the caller *The MRT aims to dispatch two counselors if they are available; they only respond to callers with one counselor if the individual is an existing Apalachee Center client that the MRT is familiar with; all other responses will be with two counselors or with law enforcement accompaniment if there is concern for safety in the home environment *After sunset and before sunrise, the MRT does not provide in-person crisis response unless requested by law enforcement or a public safety access point; They only provide in-person crisis response during business hours (8AM-5PM) *The MRT serves to reduce psychiatric hospitalization but will Baker Act or Marchman Act individuals if necessary; If a Baker Act or Marchman Act is necessary, then law enforcement will become involved; the MRT does not respond to calls where a suicide attempt has been initiated or where the crisis person is deemed at risk of harming others; They will recommend or will help contact CDA so EMS or law enforcement can dispatch to the home for the individual that has attempted suicide and needs medical attention

Services: Crisis Intervention, Involuntary Psychiatric Intervention, Mental Health Screening, Psychiatric Mobile Response Teams, Telemental Health

2634 Capital Circle NE, Bldg B

Tallahassee, FL 32308

(800) 342-0774

Apalachee Center, PATH Crisis Stabilization Unit

*PATH (Positive Alternatives to Hospitalization) is a short-term, (2-7 days), inpatient crisis stabilization unit for children and adults experiencing an acute mental health crisis providing mental health evaluation and treatment, psychiatric services, physical assessment and medical care as needed, therapy and psychoeducation, and aftercare planning *Accepts most insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid accepted; Services individuals without insurance coverage for inpatient stay, sliding scale fee based on income assessed at admission

Services: Crisis Intervention, Inpatient Mental Health Facilities

2634 Capital Circle NE, Bldg B

Tallahassee, FL 32308

(850) 523-3308

Apalachee Center, Primary Care Detox Unit

*Provides short-term (3-5 days), medically supervised, inpatient alcohol and drug detoxification, psychiatric and medical assessment, drug screening, group counseling, and referrals and planning for aftercare *Accepts most insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid; income based sliding scale available for persons without insurance

Services: Assessment for Substance Use Disorders, Detoxification, Inpatient Substance Use Disorder Treatment Facilities, Substance Use Disorder Counseling, Substance Use Disorder Crisis Intervention

2634 Capital Circle NE, Bldg B

Tallahassee, FL 32308

(850) 523-3333 x4330

DCF, Florida Abuse Hotline

*Centralized Florida hotline responsible for receiving reports alleging abuse, neglect, abandonment and/or exploitation of children under 18, the elderly, or disabled, institutionalized or vulnerable adults as mandated in Chapters 39 and 415 of the Florida Statutes *Reports can be made anonymously if desired or person making report may request that their identity be kept confidential *Call-takers assess information and take reports when warranted 24/7 *Reports transmitted to DCF staff in local counties for investigation *Persons wanting to make a report may either call, fax, or use the website tool *Any person who knows or has reasonable cause to suspect that a child under 18, aged person, disabled or institutionalized adult is abused, neglected, abandoned or exploited is mandated by Chapter 415 of the Florida Statutes to report such information to the Florida Abuse Hotline

Services: Adult Protective Services, Child Abuse Hotlines, Children's Protective Services


Tallahassee, FL 32399

(800) 962-2873

Life Management Center of NW Florida

*24/7 Emergency Services for persons of any age experiencing an immediate mental health and/or substance abuse crisis *Emergency Services consists of 3 components and are available to anyone from any of the 6 counties served: 1.

Services: Adolescent/Youth Counseling, Assessment for Substance Use Disorders, General Counseling Services, General Crisis Intervention Hotlines, Inpatient Mental Health Facilities, Mental Health Screening, Outpatient Mental Health Facilities, Psychiatric Mobile Response Teams, Substance Use Disorder Counseling

525 E 15th St

Panama City, FL 32405

(850) 522-4485

National Human Trafficking Hotline

*24/7 hotline to report suspected or known human trafficking; may be anonymous, if desired *Accepts every call to determine best course of action on case-by-case basis *Refers callers to closest agency that accepts and investigates these reports *Website offers referral directory with social and legal services for victims and survivors of human trafficking *Offers general information and warning signs of human trafficking *Helps connect survivors of human trafficking with services: case management, emergency shelter, legal services and counseling *Website has information, anonymous on-line tip form, live chat, and text to 233733

Services: Human Trafficking Hotlines

PO Box 65323

Washington, DC 20035

(888) 373-7888

National Sexual Assault Hotline

*24-hour help and support for persons seeking counseling, information, referrals or other services related to any type of sexual assault *Each call is automatically routed straight to caller's closest sexual assault center, determined by the caller's area code *Chat assistance also available through link on website or via the RAINN mobile app (English or Spanish)

Services: Sexual Assault Hotlines

1220 L Street NW, Suite 505

Washington, DC 20005

(800) 656-4673

Viewing 1-10 of 12 results (listed by best match)